Quincy Police are asking for more information on the shooting death of Dennis Green in the early morning of January 6th 2019.
Detective Sergeant Bryan Dusch of the Quincy Police department says they were called for a homicide at 800 South 13th. Officers arrived to find Dennis Green dead on the front porch. Dusch says "We believe that it is probable that persons in our community have relevant information that would assist in bringing the perpetrator of this violent, senseless act to justice.

Dennis Green left behind a wife—Amy Green and a four year old daughter. Green says "I know that someone out there knows something, saw something, or heard something that can bring Dennis's murderer to justice and give peace of mind to our family."

Contact Quincy Police or Quincy Regional Crimestoppers if you have information on this case. Police believe someone in Quincy knows something that can help them solve the case. Dusch says even small pieces of information can help them piece the evidence together.

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