A proposal transferring right-of-way from MoDOT to the City of Hannibal could pave the way to big changes along Mark Twain Avenue.  

MoDOT studies show traffic flow on the Avenue is down 40 percent since the new Mark Twain Bridge opened in 2000.

The road is due for resurfacing, but officials question the necessity of maintaining 5 lanes.

Surveyors uncovered a unique situation regarding right-of-way: MoDOT acquired the additional property needed to widen the road in the 1950’s, however the City owns the other half.

The question of who would be responsible for improvements may be answered soon. A potential solution would see MoDOT continue to maintain the roadway but turn over their right-of-way to the City.

The transfer option is up for discussion at Tuesday’s city council meeting. Once that issue is resolved, a public meeting will be held regarding proposed changes, including reducing traffic lanes from five to three, adding bike and pedestrian lanes and sidewalk improvements.