Both corner infield spots for the Cardinals have been a problem in recent years.
Wednesday's acquisition of Paul Goldschmidt eliminates part of the problem for 2019 and maybe beyond. Assuming that Goldschmidt produces at expected levels and agrees to an extension or new contract with the Cardinals, first base is in good hands for a while. Goldschmidt is a nice addition to the middle of the order to pair with Marcel Ozuna. Those two back to back will make it easier on whomever is hitting in the first two slots in the batting order.  As far as I'm concerned, those two spots are unsettled.

Matt Carpenter has done well as the leadoff man but he'll be 33 in 2019 and that's starting to get to the age where performance declines. Carpenter's defense is a liability too. This is real baseball, not your fantasy league team. Defense matters here. A lot. I'd favor giving Yairo Munoz a shot at 3B. Munoz is the guy they got from Oakland in the Piscotty trade. He hit the ball well and played well wherever asked as a rookie.

I would not be surprised if Carpenter is sent elsewhere. It also would not surprise me if the Cards move some combination of Carpenter, Jose Martinez and Jedd Gyrko. Best bet to stay might be Gyorko.

I'm not overly concerned with the pitching. Cards have plenty of arm talent.

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