How much do you know about Palmyra? Take this fun quiz and test your knowledge of Marion County's county seat. 

Palmyra Spectator

The Palmyra Spectator is the state's oldest weekly newspaper. It has been published continuously, under various names, since 1839. In 1871, how much would it have cost to run a one inch ad in the newspaper for a week?

Hulton Archive

Actress Jane Darwell was originally from Palmyra. Her career lasted over 50 years, she was in over 100 movies, won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress in 1940, and earned a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Jane Darwell appeared in all of the following movies, except for one. Which one was she not in?

Brian Myles

The Marion County Fair is an annual tradition. Fairgoers have been enjoying the fair for generations. In what year was the first Marion County Fair held?


The first church established in Palmyra was from which denomination?

Kurt Parsons

What is unique about the Lady Justice statue at the Marion County Courthouse?


During the Bicentennial, the State of Missouri designated the oldest farm and the biggest tree in each county. An oak tree near the fairgrounds was said to date back to what year?

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Palmyra's most famous historical event was the Palmyra Massacre in 1862. How many men were executed by Union soldiers in the Palmyra Massacre?