The Palmyra Lady Panthers softball team has been one of the most successful high school sports programs in our area.

Kurt Parsons

Lady Panther softball will celebrate its 30th anniversary in 2014. To date, Palmyra has earned six state titles and one second-place finish, in addition to seven conference championships and fourteen district championships. Twenty-one different players have made All-State, and the Palmyra Lady Panthers have had winning seasons every year since 1995.

Dennis Grombkowski, Getty Images

Palmyra's head coach, Brian Wosman, says that the reason for such success comes down to dedication, from his athletes and from their parents:

We have been very blessed to have kids and parents that have taken their kids and put them on competitive summer teams to get better. Almost every kid that goes out for high school softball is playing in the summer. When you have kids that are that dedicated in the summer it makes your school team that much better.

Wosman also credits the community of Palmyra for being a great supporter of the Lady Panthers:

The Palmyra community supports its athletic teams very well. I would put our community up against any community when it comes to supporting our teams. Our community has done a tremendous job supporting our softball program of the years. When we go on the road we have just as many fans as some home teams. So our community has done a great supporting our program and our athletes appreciate when they see all that orange and black in the stands.

The overall record of the Palmyra Lady Panther softball program is 416-152-1.