It's not Quincy either, but I'll give ya a hint it's sort of in between Quincy and Chicago.

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Realtor put their heads (and experts) together to come up with the top ten cities in the USA to live in in 2022 and Naperville made the list. They looked at 50 factors including economics, housing, transportation, infrastructure, education, and health care. Coming in on the list at number four, Naperville has so much to offer families and singles. On average a home in Naperville cost about $365,000 which isn't bad considering you are right outside a major city.

Right now, the highest price home for sale is over $10,000,000 million but is extremely top of the line everything bothers inside and out.

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Naperville has so much art, history, museums, and riverwalks, and the schools are always at the top of the best schools in the state. It's no wonder that put Naperville on the list of best places to live.; Other cities that made the list include Madison, WI (number one). Ann Arbor, MI (number two) Rochester, MI (number 3), Overland Park, KS (number five).

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