If you ever wanted to live in Chicago and a castle, well this is your lucky day.

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This home may look grand on the outside, especially in the backyard. However, some of the comments on Facebook think is just a house wearing party hats filled with the most boring furnishings ever. It does seem like a really small space, but there are a lot of clothes, shoes, and stuff in the home it's probably somewhat bigger than what the pictures show.

The home is listed for $669,999 and for Chicago, that's not a bad price. It's a five-bedroom and three-bathroom home with 1,800 square feet. There seems to be not a lot of space to hang clothes, or there is and they are small and stuffed with things already. Either way, here's your chance to own a castle in Chicago.

Own Your Very Own Castle in Illinois

If you love the White Sox or baseball in general, well you're in luck. The home is conveniently located near Guaranteed Rate Field. No matter what you think, this is a really unique and once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own a castle in a big city.

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