Emergency responders from Palmyra and elsewhere in northeast Missouri started an exercise to remove students and a bus driver from an overturned school bus south of the parking lot at Palmyra High School. Palmyra volunteer firefighters got into the bus by removing a windshield panel and by cutting through the roof of an overturned school bus.

The bus used was donated by the Palmyra school district. Palmyra students and staff assisted by playing the roles of victims trapped in the bus. Marion County Ambulance, 9-1-1,  Palmyra Police, the Marion County Sheriff’s Department, the Highway Patrol, Louisiana fire fighters and the Air Evac Life Team helicopter were involved in the exercise.

Palmyra Volunteer Fire Department Captain Ron Kraft:

Additional photos from the mock bus crash

Waiting for the exercise to start....
Cutting through the bus roof...
Roof is opened up..