We should all be so lucky. A Missouri woman decided she would stop by a convenience store and pick up a soda and bought a lottery ticket on impulse. She is now $50,000 richer.

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The Missouri Lottery shared in a press release that the unnamed woman stopped at QuikTrip, 9101 Gravois Road, in St. Louis. She had planned to buy a soda, but saw the lottery ticket on the QuikTrip counter. After buying the ticket, she scratched it off, but couldn't read it clearly because she didn't have her glasses on. Once she checked it again with glasses, she couldn't believe her eyes.

According to the Missouri Lottery website, "Lucky Ca$h” is a $3 Scratchers game that offers prizes ranging from $3 up to a top prize of $50,000." That means her win was a best-case scenario.

It's worth noting that the Missouri Lottery also said that they still have over $5.3 million dollars in unclaimed tickets. Maybe time to check under the seat of your vehicle to see if you have a rogue ticket that's a winner.

No word from the winner on what she plans to do with her 50 grand in found money.

For more information and details, you can check out the Missouri Lottery's official press release.

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