I could probably start telling stories about how school never closed when I was in school and how we walked to class through 8 feet of snow, but that would likely not be as accurate as I think it would be. The truth is many Missouri schools have decided to close on one day in April and there's a very good reason for that.

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The announcements have already begun. I saw Ozark Radio News report that West Plains, Missouri will be closing school one day in April. They announced to the families of students "In light of the anticipated influx of visitors to the area on that day, school will not be in session". What day in April will West Plains, Missouri students have a free day and why?

Answer - April 8, 2024 because of the historic total solar eclipse

Fox 4 out of Kansas City says that it's not just many Missouri school, but many states along the path where the solar eclipse will reach totality are closing school for several reasons. First, they want students to be able to witness the eclipse. Many communities like West Plains, Missouri are concerned about the heavy traffic in their area that's expected for that day.

NASA has some great tips on how to safely view the total solar eclipse reaching totality over Missouri and also parts of southern Illinois.

Make sure to check with your Missouri school district ahead of time to see if they will be dismissing school on April 8, 2024 as not all of them are. Many schools will be in session and will likely host safe viewing sessions on that day.

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