Summer road trips are as American as apple pie but the experts at one website say that Missouri is not anywhere near the top of the list of the best states for road trips, why?

According to the Best & Worst States for Summer Road Trips from the experts at WalletHub, Missouri is the 27th best state for summer road trips in the US. Missouri ranks behind states like Wyoming, Minnesota, Nebraska, and Alaska.

How did WalletHub determine which states were the best for road trips? On the site, they say "This summer, 75% of American adults plan to take some sort of road trip, with around 33% planning to travel more than 250 miles from home...WalletHub compared the 50 U.S. states based on 32 key metrics to find the most fun, scenic and wallet-friendly road-trip destinations. Our data set ranges from the number of attractions to road conditions to gas and accommodation costs" So why does Missouri rank so low? The experts rank Missouri as the 9th cheapest state for a road trip and 26th in activities to do on your road trip, BUT...they rank Missouri as the 44th best state for safety on your road trip, which brings Missouri's overall ranking down. To see the complete list for yourself, click here! 

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Did they get it right?

No, absolutely not. Missouri is a GREAT road trip state! I understand safety has to be factored in, and if the safety rating is low because of animals on the road, or certain laws, fine, I know that. BUT (and it is a huge BUT) Missouri has some of the most affordable gas in the US, and plenty of great destinations to stop at while on your road trip, St. Louis, Kansas City, Branson, the Lake of the Ozarks, and so much more!

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