The experts at WalletHub released a new ranking called the Most Patriotic States in America 2024, and the Show-Me State of Missouri is ranked surprisingly low on the list. Missouri ranks 22nd on the list ahead of states like Illinois at 28th, New York at 49th, and California at 35th, but welllll behind the top 3 states of Virginia, Alaska, and Montana. 

In the aritcle, WalletHub says, "In order to determine where Americans have the most red, white and blue pride on Independence Day and during the rest of the year, WalletHub compared the states across 13 key indicators of patriotism. Our data set ranges from the state’s military enlistees and veterans to the share of adults who voted in the 2020 presidential election to AmeriCorps volunteers per capita." To see the full list for yourself, click here!

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Did they get it right?

Honestly, I am struggling with this list... To put a state like New York, which has NYC and represents a lot of our patriotism post 9/11 that low on the list, and to have a state like Oregon that high on the list doesn't seem right... I do believe that every state has a bunch of patriotic people, places, and things, and to say one state is more patriotic than another feels weird, but saying Oregon is MORE patriotic than Missouri, Alabama, New York, and so many others, just feels weird, do you agree?

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