Perhaps you're a fairly tech-savvy person and think you can't be fooled by scammers. Think again. If you live in Missouri, there are 11 phone numbers that you should never ever answer. Not even for a brief second or you could be ripped off.

I will admit that I sometimes answer what I know are scammer phone calls just so I can have fun with them. Nothing will make a telemarketer go away quicker than saying "you're on the radio, what do you think about gray sheep?". I really should stop doing that.

This is a serious issue however especially for Missourians who the state says are some of the most frequent victims of phone scammers.

There is some help to assist you in avoiding these vicious scam artists from Go Banking Rates. They have shared 11 phone numbers that are proven to come from scammers. Never ever answer calls from these phone numbers ever:

  • (904) 495-2559 - They'll say you won a raffle
  • (858) 605-9622 - Scammer will allege that your bank account is frozen
  • (878) 877-1402 - The thief will claim your credit card account is on hold
  • (863) 532-7969 - The voice will claim your debit card has been compromised
  • (469) 709-7630 - This is the infamous failed delivery attempt scam
  • (805) 637-7243 - They'll say they're from Publisher's Clearing House
  • (202) 221-7923 - The scammer will say your student loans will be forgiven
  • (312) 339-1227 - Weight loss and delivery scams originate from this number
  • (865) 630-4266 - The fake Wells Fargo text message scam comes from this number
  • (347) 437-1689 - The thief will say you have unpaid taxes
  • (301) 307-4601 - Many United States Postal Service scams start from this number

Here's something else to consider. Some scammers now have tech that can spoof known phone numbers from your friends, family or even the police.

Rule of thumb is don't even answer any calls you don't immediately identify as family or friends and even then be careful. If a scammer can get you to say "yes" to "can you hear me OK?" and you respond "yes", they could use that to say you made an agreement to transfer funds.

It's dangerous out there. Be careful.

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