I love life hacks and especially the ones that cost very little money. As a nearly lifelong Missouri resident, I had never heard of a simple one, but it's genius and could save your food. I'll explain why every person in Missouri should put paper towels in their fridge as soon as possible.

I wish I could tell you that this stroke of genius just suddenly appeared in my mind as an original idea, but that's not the truth. Reader's Digest just shared this brilliant yet simple reason why you should put paper towels in your Missouri fridge right now. Seriously. Do it.

Here's why: They point out that if you have vegetables in your fridge, they tend to release moisture which will eventually cause other produce to spoil eventually. When you put a roll of paper towels in your fridge, they collect the moisture which can greatly extend the life of your food. 

Don't have any paper towel rolls you can spare? There's another adjustment to this hack and it works almost as well. Instead of paper towels, you can put a roll of toilet paper in your Missouri fridge instead.

Both hacks do require that you replace the toilet paper and/or paper towels somewhat regularly or the moisture they've collected will eventually make them less effective.

If you think about how expensive food has gotten, it's really a money saver to sacrifice a roll of a paper product to help make edibles last longer. Cheap and effective = brilliant.

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