Jeff T. Green, Getty Images

Every time I see or hear about a person turning 100 years old I think about all of the things they have lived through.  All the new inventions and the lifestyle changes have been significant over the last 100 years.  Since 1913 there have been quite a few changes in the way we live.  It also leads me to ask, what do you think is the most important invention ever?

Oh you can mention the TV, the telephone, the airplane and I could go on and on but today marks the anniversary of an invention that affects every single person. This invention would be immediately noticed if we didn't have it around.  It is something we use every day and without it we would have a real "mess on our hands."

Give Up?  It's toilet paper. That's right. Toilet paper was first invented by the Chinese on August 26th, 580 but it took another 1000 years to reach the West. Just what did people in the West do for those 1000 years? I guess I really don't want to know.

But at least now you know the history of toilet paper.