Explore a sunken ship, find out what it's like for fish in the sea, and dive into a new world at a new exhibit at The Magic House in St. Louis.

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The new Splash and Bubbles Exhibit now open at the Magic House in St. Louis takes visitors of all ages under the sea to show what it's like to, well, live in the sea. Through the exhibit, you will see a sunken ship and learn the similarities and differences between artificial reefs and real reefs, go on a treasure hunt, discover a variety of sharks and create your own shark and so much more. The exhibit is open now but will close on April 24, so now is the time to explore the sea.

Join Splash, Bubbles and the Reeftown Rangers to explore marine biology, ocean science and different ocean ecosystems. Learn how even small actions can create a big ripple to help protect our One Big Ocean.


It looks so colorful from the pictures that I am even intrigued about going to see what this is all about. The Magic House is one of my family's favorite St. Louis places to visit and no matter how old you are you can always learn something new, and to see that it's associated with Jim Hensen, you know it's going to be an awesome exhibit to visit.

Explore Splash & Bubbles at The Magic House in St. Louis

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