Couple questions for you. First, are you from Missouri, Illinois or Iowa? Second, do you find yourself apologizing a lot? Your two answers are connected as there's a new ranking that declares the state that says "I'm sorry" the most and it's one of those three.

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This fun new study shared by Preply is the result of a series of questions that were asked of over 2,000 Americans. The methodology digs deeper than just asking if someone has apologized. They wanted to know how often they believe that apologies are genuine and given with true remorse. Some of the takeaways are hilarious.

Here's the infographic they shared showing which states offer the most apologies. Pink is most and yellow is least.

Which state apologizes the most? Missouri, Illinois or Iowa

Iowa is #1 in America offering a staggering 4,784 apologizes EVERY SINGLE DAY. That makes total sense. My wife who grew up in Iowa is sorry every single day of her life. Her spouse may have something to do with that, but I digress.

Missouri isn't far behind coming in at #8 in America on the "sorry" countdown with 3,780 apologies a day. I was born and raised in Missouri and I'm not sorry one little bit, but I'm told my radio show should begin and end with apologies so there's that.

And then there's Illinois not really sorry at all saying the word a mere 2,755 times per day. That's in the bottom 10% of American states, Land of Lincoln.

Here's another fun takeaway. The Preply study said that most people surveyed believe an apology is sincere when it also includes a gift.

The least sorry state in America? California allegedly. Feel free to insert your own California joke here though.

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