It's history is rich and it's famous for some very good reasons. However, this now-abandoned Missouri bridge is also notorious for being the scene of a double murder in 1991.

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If you're familiar with the Old Chain of Rocks Bridge near St. Louis, you know it was formerly part of Route 66. It was built in the 1920's and as this brief documentary shows, it was a harrowing drive back when it had traffic on it, but was also a historic structure.

Notice how tight the path was across this old bridge. Not much elbow room.

Movie Locations notes that the Old Chain of Rocks Bridge was featured in the Kurt Russell movie "Escape from New York".

However, Only In Your State recently documented the darker history of the Old Chain of Rocks Bridge. On April 5, 1991, Julie and Robin Kerry were on the bridge with their cousin Thomas Cummins. They were attacked by 4 people who approached them. The sisters were assaulted and thrown off the bridge while their cousin managed to escape. They report that all 4 of the assailants either pled guilty or were found guilty of the murder of Julie and Robin Kerry.

That sad event marred what was a historic monument to what travel used to be like across the Chain of Rocks Bridge. The National Park Service website doesn't mention the murders. Just the rich history of a bridge that became famous in a movie before it became known for the loss of life of the sisters.

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