If you've bought anything on Amazon recently (and who hasn't?), you need to be aware that there are 10 items that have been available in Missouri recently that are suddenly under an urgent product recall for safety reasons.

Just between you and me, I prefer to shop local and walk into a brick and mortar Missouri store when possible. However, as is the situation for almost everyone, not everything I need is available locally. That's why most of us turn to Amazon for niche and hard-to-find items.

Amazon has recently created a special page on their site documenting all of the items they've sold that are now under product safety recalls. Here are 10 that were available in Missouri.

10 Amazon Items Sold in Missouri Now Under Urgent Recall

Gallery Credit: Amazon.com

Amazon has all of the information you need if you find that you've purchased any of these items regarding returns and refunds. You can also refer to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission site for more details and updates.

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