Additional rainfall in the northern Midwest results in a roller coaster along the Northeast Missouri/Western Illinois portion of the Mississippi River.

As of Friday afternoon, National Weather Service forecasters are saying that our stretch of the river will crest and begin to fall over the weekend, and then rise again the beginning of next week.

Canton - Friday 12:30 p.m. stage, 20.97. Forecast to rise again and crest near 21.6 feet Monday afternoon.

Quincy - Friday 12:15 p.m. stage, 24.6. Forecast to rise again and crest near 24.9 feet Monday morning.

Hannibal - Friday 12:15 p.m. stage, 24.75. Forecast to fall to near 23.8 Saturday afternoon, then rise to near 24.5 Monday afternoon.

Louisiana - Friday 1 p.m. stage, 22.74. Forecast to fall to near 22 feet Sunday morning, then rise to near 22.6 Tuesday morning.

Clarksville - Friday 1 p.m. stage, 33.01. Forecast to rise to near 33.1 this evening, fall to near 32.6 late Saturday night, then rise again and crest near 33.2 Tuesday morning.

The rising waters have resulted in a number of road closures. Highways 136 and 61 are closed in the Alexandria area, Business 61 and Route B are closed in the Canton area, Highway 79 is closed at the south end of Louisiana and the south end of Clarksville and Shelby County Route N is closed.


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