Nearly a dozen families called this Illinois neighborhood home at one time. Now, it's been completely wiped away. Homes were abandoned and then demolished. It's a quiet neighborhood in the Land of Lincoln that simply disappeared all because of water.

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Decaying Midwest just shared an interesting investigation into what used to be known as "Buddyville" in South Beloit, Illinois. Here's how they described what they found:

this abandoned neighborhood in South Beloit, Illinois was prone to flooding. So, it was condemned and eventually demolished. The houses are completely gone now. The locals called it "Buddyville" and one of the houses appeared to go abandoned in 2015 because a calendar from 2015 was still on the wall.

You can see how many of these families lives were frozen in time when the flood waters forced them out.

I did some research into flooding in South Beloit, Illinois and the website Risk Factor does list the city has having an almost constant major flood risk. They estimate that an incredible 756 properties in that city are at risk of being severely affected by flooding in the next 30 years. They say that's almost 25% of the city. Crazy.

As the investigators mentioned, nearly a dozen houses in this neighborhood are now completely gone. Vanished all because they happened to be in an area where flood waters would overtake. Imagine suddenly being forced from your life routine having to leave it all behind. Very sad.

This video is now all that's left of what used to be a quiet Illinois neighborhood. Nothing left except the memories that families have that used to call it home.

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