(UNDATED)--The Mississippi River appears to be playing games with cities as they try to measure water levels.
Recent rain and snow has boosted the numbers in many places, but others aren’t doing as well.
The reading Thursday at Louisiana was 11-point-seven feet. That’s down from 12 feet on January Second. The low water mark in Louisiana is 11-point-two feet.
Clarksville was faring much better at 14-point-seven feet after a January Second reading of 13 feet. The low flow mark at Clarksville is nine-point-five feet.

The Mississippi River at Hannibal is at 9.91 feet this morning.
Barges are full to the brim again after going to half-loads late last year because of a significant drop in water levels.
The U.S. Drought Monitor’s latest figures list Northeast Missouri in the moderate category, with West-Central Illinois reporting abnormally dry conditions.
River-watchers are counting on the annual spring thaw of snow to the north to further increase Mississippi River levels.