I've seen some wanted criminals with some interesting descriptions, but this new one from the FBI may be the most unique of them all. It's a bulletin about a Springfield, Illinois man who has a very distinctive feature they say to look out for - a tattoo of Snoopy.

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If you look at the FBI's Most Wanted for 2024, you'll see the face of a man who was born in Springfield, Illinois that is wanted for his alleged connection to a very nefarious crime. His name is Danny Liggett.

Here is the description from the FBI about what they allege Danny Liggett did:

Danny Liggett is wanted for the murder of a man in New York City (Manhattan) on May 7, 1987. On that date, Liggett was taken by a female acquaintance to an apartment to see a man about selling a piece of jewelry. During that meeting, Liggett allegedly used a knife to attack both the man, who was physically impaired and in a wheelchair, as well as the female acquaintance. Liggett allegedly stabbed the man to death, and then threatened to kill the woman, who survived the attack, if she reported him to law enforcement.

This is the most recent picture of Danny Liggett.


Under Danny's description for "scars or marks", the FBI says "Liggett has a Snoopy tattoo on his left arm, but it is unknown if it is the Snoopy character or the word ‘Snoopy’ spelled out."

Danny Liggett has been on the run from the FBI for 36 years after fleeing prosecution in 1988. The feds say that he should be considered armed and dangerous and should not be approached if spotted.

Why is this bulletin relevant in 2024?

The FBI is hopeful that with new technology and so many camera phones prevalent in society that someone somewhere will have information that will bring the Springfield, Illinois man to justice.

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