I didn't realize that Wisconsin had such a laid back place because I was probably too busy "chilling". My kids tell me to stop using that word, by the way, since they say it's not common anymore. My point is that a new ranking says the 2nd most laid back place in America is in Wisconsin. Who knew?

Study Finds just dropped a brand new ranking called "Chillville, USA - The Consensus 5 Most Laid-Back Cities in America". The consensus they speak of is a self-care poll where Americans listed the places where they are able to relax the most apparently. Guess who landed at #2? I'll give you two guesses, but you'll probably only need one.

Moving to Madison Wisconsin via YouTube
Moving to Madison Wisconsin via YouTube

That hand in the water is in water on the outskirts of Madison, Wisconsin, the 2nd most laid-back city in America. Congrats.

Why is Madison, Wisconsin considered so laid back?

They mention that Madison is the fastest-growing city in Wisconsin which is true. They also praise Madison being a growing place "without the stress of the big city". They've never tried to find parking at a Badger football game, have they?

In defense of Madison, I will say that the pace of everyday life isn't as hectic as Milwaukee or Chicago, so there's that. The article also mentions "for every 100,000 Madison residents, there are 446 recreational facilities available" which is a fair way to judge if a place is laid back.

Check out the full laid back best of list for other America locations where your blood pressure will (allegedly) not rise to a dangerous level.

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