Thursday is the deadline to submit comments to the federal government on a proposed grain terminal across the Mississippi River from Louisiana.
As we reported earlier, Greg Dolbeare of Sny Island Merchandising Company submitted the application to the Army Corps of Engineers.

The grain transfer facility would be on the Illinois side of the river between the Champ Clark Highway 54 Bridge and the Kansas City Southern Railroad Bridge.

Plans call for six silos with a capacity of 200 thousand bushels each. They would be on the east side of the Sny Island Levee. A 900-foot conveyor would carry grain from the terminal to a pier-supported floating deck on the river.

The firm plans to contract for services with the Wayne B. Smith barge terminal of Louisiana.

The proposal, as well as maps and construction drawings of the project, can be reviewed in the public notices section of the Corps’ St. Louis District website. You can also find out how to submit comments.

People who are interested can log on to