Despite popular belief, it does not rain hundred dollar bills there. However, it does make for an interesting drive when you cruise through the richest neighborhoods in St. Louis to see how the wealthy and famous live.

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I am not envious. I really am happy for people who find success even if I live on bologna sandwiches while I wait for the next payday. That's why I was more than good to see what a YouTube channel that specializes in St. Louis living had to say about the wealthiest St. Louis places:

If you enjoy lavish and extravagant living, this tour of St. Louis suburbs is for you. This video is all about LUXURY LIVING in St. Louis! These are the top 5 most expensive neighborhoods when it comes to luxury homes in St. Louis County, Missouri.

I suppose he put LUXURY LIVING in ALL CAPS because that's how the rich do it. Perhaps I should try it?

I worked at a radio station in the Clayton area for a brief time many years ago and I can verify that area has some nice homes (behind gates that are hard to climb I might add). I also used to have a friend who lived in Ladue (that never invited me over).

The huge mansion with the circle drive is one of the meeting places of a St. Louis supercar club. If you have a McLaren, you're welcome to stop by. Got a stock Corvette? Don't even bother.

If you ever see Robin Leach in St. Louis, he's likely doing a show in one of these neighborhoods.

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