I'll check my calendar, but I am probably busy that day. But, maybe you're interested in accepting an invitation to a birthday party for a real Missouri 2-headed snake.

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The Missouri Department of Conservation knows how to party...for a snake. Actually, this is one of the most unique reptiles in the state known as Tiger and Lily. Why two names? Answer - Tiger and Lilly are names for both heads of a two-headed snake.

Missouri Department of Conservation
Missouri Department of Conservation

In a press release, the Missouri Department of Conservation shared the story of Tiger and Lily and how they/it was discovered in 2017 and donated to the Shepherd of the Hills Conservation Center.

How does a two-headed snake...work?

The state explained:

“Both heads want to eat, but they only have one esophagus,” Bleich said. “We put a small cup over one head while the other eats, then switch. Otherwise, both would be trying to grab the same mouse.”

They say that it was good that Tiger and Lily were saved from the wild because it would be hard for a snake like this to reach areas where food sources would normally be.

The birthday party for Tiger and Lily will happen Saturday, October 7 from 9am until noon at the Shepherd of the Hills Conservation Center, 483 Hatchery Road in Branson, Missouri.

I think my calendar is full so I'll be unable to road trip to the snake's party (*sad faces*), but if you're planning to be in the Branson area anyway, you can stop by and visit the most famous snake(s) in Missouri.

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