It's been awhile (fortunately) since I've driven through this Missouri city, but I can testify that something the internet has declared is likely very true. Missouri suddenly has one of the top 5 worst driving cities in America.

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It appears this new ranking has grown from an original article by Forbes now shared by 24/7 Wall St that features the worst cities to drive in America. It's based on "number of people in fatal crashes, total crashes, crashes involving drunk drivers, and those that involved speeding".

Can I confess that before I saw the results, I figured it was St. Louis, Missouri? As it turns out, I was very wrong.

Get this. Out of a possible 100 points, Kansas City overachieved in the worst possible way and registered a 91.19 among the worst cities to drive in America. Take a bow, KC.

The fact that there are more than 23 episodes of "Bad Drivers of Kansas City" should tell you something about what it's like to drive there.

Let me share my own personal experiences. The last time I went to a Kansas City Chiefs game (around 25 years ago), I had such a bad time trying to reach the Arrowhead parking lot that I didn't want to leave once I got there. Just a few years ago I was traveling through Kansas City and I can testify trying to negotiate all of the wicked cloverleaf of interstates while trying to just stay on interstate 70 is like an American Ninja Warrior challenge.

By the way, it's not worse driving through Kansas City during winter. It's just slicker and whiter. Spring, summer and Fall driving are pretty awful, too.

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