Someone (or possibly many some ones) had too much time on their hands and used it to cause extensive damage to a Missouri farmer's corn crop. Your help is needed in helping locate those that are accused of this needless crime.

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The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office in Missouri just shared these terrible pictures of crop damage that happened overnight near Wellsville, Missouri. They estimate at least $6,000 worth of damage to the corn and that seems conservative based on the damage shown.

In case you're having any issues with the small print, here's what the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office said to do if you have information about whoever did this:

If you have any information that could assist us in solving this case, please call Communications at (573) 564-3378 and request to speak with a deputy. If you want to remain anonymous, please go to our mobile application and "Submit A Tip".

In a year where Missouri farmers are already dealing with extensive drought and the typical challenges that agriculture brings, this kind of vandalism is so infuriating. Even in good times, it's appalling. But in a year like we've had this year in 2023, it really makes me hope even harder that whoever is responsible will be caught and prosecuted.

Make sure to follow the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office on Facebook for updates on this developing story.

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