Size does not matter or that's at least what I keep telling myself. It appears that Missouri agrees with me as the state appears to be internet famous for having the smallest Walmart stores in America.

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I ended up on this Walmart store size rabbit trail thanks to a share on the Missouri sub-Reddit which claimed the old Walmart store in Louisiana, Missouri used to be the smallest in the United States.

Smallest Walmart store in the continental US, Louisiana, Missouri [2304 x 1728]
byu/SchuminWeb inretailporn

Someone on Flickr seemed to agree that the previous Walmart in Louisiana, Missouri at least used to be the smallest in America.

That location is no longer around, but a commenter on Reddit says this one in Mountain View, Missouri is and it's also a wee little store.

Walmart store in Mountain View, Missouri.
Google Maps Street View

But wait, there's another tiny Missouri Walmart that wants the crown of smallest. This one shared on TikTok from Cuba, Missouri.

Someone on Yelp agreed the Cuba, Missouri Walmart should at least be considered for being the smallest in America.

It appears that Missouri's claim of having the smallest Walmart stores in America was dethroned back in 2023 as a tiny Walmart in the Atlanta, Georgia area opened up.

Will the real smallest Walmart store please stand up? What is the smallest Walmart? I haven't been able to find a confirmation from the corporate Walmart site, but it's encouraging to see Missouri at least trying to claim the teeniest tiniest title. Don't try saying those 3 words fast, by the way. Don't ask me how I know.

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