I consider myself a pizza expert of sorts, but I'm not sure how this would work. There's a report that Columbia, Missouri will soon have pizza vending machines. Good idea or no?

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The Columbia-Missourian just shared this interesting news about incoming pizza vending machines. The machines are built by a company in France (because why not) and will work like this.

Each machine holds around 96 pizzas and my understanding from the manufacturer website is you make your choice and the vending machine cooks it in a blazing 3 minutes.

One of their machines holds 64 pizzas while the larger can manage 96. The Columbia-Missourian report says that Columbia will get 4 pizza vending machines this year and another 8 in 2024. Nice.

This whole concept begs the question...is this the greatest invention ever or do you think pizza is best served not out of a machine? Considering the fact that you have the nearby population from the University of Missouri students, I can't think of a better place to try this pizza vending machine idea. If it works there, perhaps this will catch on and soon pizza vending machines will be everywhere.

If it somehow fails near Mizzou students, it wouldn't work anywhere though.

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