Say what you want about Missouri, but it has its fair share of really great diners. That means when one gets called out by the internet as "the best", that means something in the Show Me State. The newest choice of online experts isn't near St. Louis or Kansas City either.

I have spent a decent amount of my life in Columbia for various reasons, but I've never managed to dine in what Love Food just declared as the best diner in Missouri. It's a complete throwback with an interior that should be required of every diner.

Veronica Mohesky via YouTube
Veronica Mohesky via YouTube

It's the Broadway Diner located at 22 S 4th Street in Columbia, Missouri. Any place that features a mile-high stack of pancakes should be congratulated. Dave Johnson has been the operator of Broadway Diner for some time and a YouTuber named Veronica Mohesky featured a nice visit with him not that long ago.

It doesn't look like you can partake of the Broadway Diner during the late afternoon or early evening hours as the online schedule shows them serving between 6am and 2pm daily, but it does say that the Easter weekend might be different.

It would appear based on a Facebook video share that the Missouri ROTC in Columbia agrees with this best diner declaration.

Beauty (and food) is in the eye of the beholder, but I'll go with Love Food's pick of the Broadway Diner in Columbia as Missouri's best. If they're good enough for our Army friends, they're good enough for me.

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