There's a serious movement in many states to either make a 4-day work week mandatory or at least provide incentives for employers to make it happen. Is this something that should be considered in Missouri and Illinois? Let's do a pros and cons list and see where you come down on this interesting possibility.

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I saw this article from Pew which mentioned that a 4-day work week is now being considered by state legislatures in California, Hawaii, Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania and Washington. Is this a good or a bad idea?

What are the pros of a 4-day work week?

CNBC shared a story about how workers that have adopted a 4-day work week "feel healthier". Emeritus shared several pluses for employers, too including better employee morale and money savings. The cost savings comes from rent, electricity and utility costs which drop when a facility doesn't have workers present. There's also a belief that a 4-day work week brings with it an increase in creativity.

What are the cons of a 4-day work week?

People Hum seems to come down on the negative side of this work week coin. Their points are valid as the work amount doesn't lessen, but it's crammed into a smaller number of days increasing stress. They also point out that a 4-day work week can also mean less hours for some employees and maybe even less benefits. A website called The Manual also brings up the need for new customer service solutions if staff isn't available on a Friday for example.

Should Missouri and Illinois join the growing list of states looking at incentivizing a 4-day work week? It's a conversation (and maybe legislation) that's going to happen sooner or later.

I have to wonder out loud if there's a happy medium buried inside of this idea. Perhaps a 4-day work week once per month to give employees a break? Just thoughts about an issue that does seem to be gaining steam.

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