You can put this on your "I have to see it to believe" list because yes this unique and charming candy shop Airbnb does exist.

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Most of us are looking for spring break locations, well if you have kids, or you're a kid yourself, I found it. Located in Greenup, Illinois you will find The Candy Kitchen. A once old soda foundation transformed into one of the most unique Airbnbs you will ever see.

Airbnb/Hosted by Wayne/Canva
Airbnb/Hosted by Wayne/Canva

You will take a step back in time in this 1930s candy/soda shop that was once owned by an immigrant family from Greece until the 1960s. It has since been transformed into a spacious and unique Airbnb experience. The original soda fountain is still intact with a kitchen, bathroom, and living space too.

SEE INSIDE: The Candy Kitchen Airbnb in Illinois

Gallery Credit: Samantha Barnes

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Greenup, Illinois is part of the Charleston–Mattoon Micropolitan Statistical Area and is close to the Indiana border. So it's a drive but how cool would it be to stay at a place like this? I have never stayed in an Airbnb, but this would change my mind. I wonder if you can make old-fashioned sodas and candy still? I guess we will have to stay there to find out.

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