A travel website put together a list of the "Worst" tourist traps in America, and some of the places on the list are bad, but when it comes to the spot in Illinois on the list, I have to say the "experts" got it wrong...

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Faradnwide.com put out a list called the 10 Wost American Tourist Traps, and Navy Pier in Chicago is on the list at number 5. Now, the whole list isn't terrible, but some things on this list I agree are not worth the trip like the Dole Plantation in Hawaii, the Cafe Du Monde in New Orleans, and the Hollywood Walk of Fame (it's dirty, kinda sketchy, and far away from other fun things in LA). So why is Navy Pier on the list? They say this on the site...

"Chicago's Navy Pier is basically a scenic mall with indoor dining and shopping as well as outdoor offerings. During the summer, small water attractions bring in families looking for a refreshing activity...Let's be honest: It's really not the worst attraction; in fact, if you visit, you'll probably enjoy your time here. The issue is that Chicago has so many amazing things to do that it seems like a waste of time to come to a mall."

SEE even the experts say it's not the worst! To read more and see the complete list click here!

I firmly believe this about Navy Pier, it is worth an afternoon of walking around, enjoying the incredible skyline views, doing some shopping, riding the Ferris wheel, and of course having a beer! Yes, you can drink on Navy Pier as you walk around enjoying the water and the views. If you have been to Navy Pier before then you don't NEED to go back, but it is fun for families and first-time visitors, and shouldn't be on any "worst" list that is for sure.

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