Is your school district next? The 4-day school week is growing in the Show-Me State, is it a good thing? And will it impact your kids this year? Here are the details...

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According to, there are nine more Missouri School Districts that will be converting to the 4-day school week this year, on their site they say...

"The nine districts, serving more than 21,000 students, are part of a total of 155 districts operating on four-day weeks heading into the new school year. All told, those districts serve over 95,000 public school students, or more than 10% of the state’s total. By far the largest of the new four-day week districts is the Independence School District, which made the switch last December in order to attract and retain staff."

For the full list of school districts that are making the change click here! 

As for its impact here in the Tri-States? There is none, yet. I have to ask is the 4-day school week and good or bad thing? I feel hypocritical saying that kids should have a 5-day school week while also being for companies to change to a 4-day work week. But it sounds like the only reason some of these districts made this change was to accommodate the adults (aka the teachers) and had nothing to do with the students. Personally, I wouldn't be in favor of kids having a 4-day school week, IF you make any change maybe the change would be on Fridays kids have a shortened day where they spend the day in one classroom and have access to teachers and help to work on homework, tests, quizzes, readings, and anything else they need to either catch up on, work on, or finish. What are your thoughts?

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