Illinois passed a controversial new law impacting how kids under 18 will/won't be punished, and it starts January, 1st 2024. Here are the details on how your kids are going to be affected...

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According to NBC Chicago, there are a bunch of new laws starting in the Land of Lincoln at the start of 2024, but there is one that directly will impact your kids under the age of 18. The new law states that...

"SB 1463 – Fees and fines can no longer be assessed in Illinois to individuals under the age of 18, except for traffic tickets, boating or fishing violations, or municipal ordinance violations."

So, my understanding, is if you are in Illinois, and you are under the age of 18 the ONLY things you can get fees and fines for are traffic violations, boating/fishing violations, or municipal ordinance violations.

What exactly is left? I am sure the just of this law is that many kids can't legally work or earn money, so it isn't fair to fine them when they legally can't pay the fine, I get that. But what is this law taking away? What else could kids get tickets for without driving, fishing/boating, or a city ordinance?

Can kids get a ticket for fighting? Or is there a city ordinance against fighting? I don't know...If you have kids under the age of 18, I would suggest continuing to tell them if they do anything illegal that they are going to get in trouble and pay a ticket. Unless you live in a town with very few city ordinances...

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