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If you think people are more depressed than ever lately your perception is right on. They are! According to a recent report from Dr. Jim Gordon of the Center for Mind-Body Medicine, more than 30 million Americans are now taking anti-depressants.

Dr. Gordon says that those experiencing depression should look at self care, such as exercise and proper nutrition before turning to prescription drugs. This should be a person's first option in dealing with depression.

The other suggestion from Dr. Gordon is to put yourself in the proper environment.  If you surround yourself with happy people you will be less likely to develop symptoms of depression than you would if you are always around people who themselves are depressed.

And finally, according to Dr. Gordon, another reason for not turning to anti-depressants is that 70% of people using them experience negative side effects.  According to Dr. Gordon, prescription drugs should be a person's last option in dealing with depression.