So here it was, Sunday afternoon and I was home watching the snow pile up and listening to the Cardinal game on KHMO from spring training in Jupiter, Florida.  How weird was that?  I'm shoveling my driveway while Mike Shannon was doing the play-by-play of the Cardinals-Mets game in 90 degree temperatures.

Usually I am washing down my driveway listening to baseball, but not yesterday. He and John Rooney were "glad it was windy" or they would really be sweating.  Well I was sweating, too, only from shoveling heavy snow. It's time for Mother nature to turn the table and get with the program.

The baseball season starts Sunday when the Rangers meet the Astros. Bats and gloves are to come out not snow shovels and winter gloves. In an effort to get spring going we managed to talk with Cardinal Broadcaster Mike Shannon this morning on the show, just one day after he took great pleasure in sending "summer like" pictures from Jupiter to me and followed it with a call telling me how warm it was while I was shoveling. Oh well, I would have probably done the same had the roles been reversed.

If you didn't get to hear our "baseball and weather" talk, here it is. If nothing else, it will give you hope that spring is coming soon.

Mike Shannon Interview Part 1

Mike Shannon Interview Part 2