It's been quite a season for the Indianapolis Colts. Led by rookie quarterback Andrew Luck, they find themselves 5 and 3, a surprising improvement from last year when they were among the league's worst teams.

The Colts have been quick to credit their first year head coach Chuck Pagano for setting the tone for their turnaround. But Pagano has actually been absent from the team since September, when he was diagnosed with leukemia.Pagano took a break from his treatment and visited the team on Sunday, and his stirring post-game speech about his intention to beat cancer and lead the Colts to Super Bowl championships became a viral hit.

In reaction to the speech, many of the Colts have decided to shave their heads in solidarity with their coach, who has lost his hair and signature goatee to chemotherapy.

At least 25 team members, including Luck, have gone to the clippers. And those Colts who don't want to shave their heads -- like defensive back Sergio Brown who looks like he's been growing his dreads for years -- have dyed their hair yellow, which is the color of leukemia awareness.

Pagano got great news Monday when his doctors told him his cancer is in remission  He hopes to return to the sidelines before the end of the season.