It's one thing to tell someone you've seen Bigfoot. It's next level when you decide to file an official Bigfoot report. Thanks to a massive amount of Sasquatch research, I can tell you that there was an official Bigfoot sighting near Palmyra in June of 1997.

If you recall, I shared a very recent Bigfoot sighting in central Illinois last week. That caused me to ask the question "what about our hometown area?". To the official Bigfoot Research Organization website I went. One of the things I love about how they organize their reports is you can search by county. I noticed there was one singular Bigfoot sighting for Marion and this is how I found out about a sighting of Sasquatch between Palmyra and Philadelphia, Missouri reported on November 15, 1998.

The report states this was submitted by Brian M. Even though it was 1998 when the report was filed, the sighting itself happened in June of 1997 based on the details. Here are Brian M's exact words about what he saw:

I was riding a four wheeler at my aunts out in the country. On an old gravel road I saw something that appeared to be a dog two-hundred yards ahead of me in a corn field on my right side. As I got closer I could tell it was not a dog but a man-like creature. It stood up from a kneel and ran to the middle of the road it then turned to look at me and ran into the woods I gasped and set for a second. Then I turned around and road off in fear it might come back.

There are a couple of important details in Brian M's report that are worth noting. First of all, he said that before and after the incident, there were items reported missing and sightings of a "man" living in the woods. Brian also mentioned that he was 4 miles from the nearest house.

Out of curiosity, I did a search of the Missouri Highway Patrol website for missing persons to see if I could find anyone reported missing near Palmyra back in 1997 that might explain a "man living in the woods" and could find nothing. Kind of a needle in a haystack search since we're talking about something that happened over 24 years ago.

Why bring this up now? I'm hopeful that whoever Brian M. is will speak up and give some more details. With social media being what it is, perhaps we can cause others to come forward and mention any weirdness they've seen in the woods between Palmyra and Philadelphia, Missouri.

The truth is out there.

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