Joe Raedle/GettyImages)

An Illinois House panel has recommended approval of a plan dealing with flood levees.

The resolution was sponsored by West-Central Illinois lawmaker Jil Tracy. It was endorsed Tuesday by the Illinois House Agriculture and Conservation Committee.

The measure would require Illinois to better define the flood risk associated with levee construction, create uniform regulatory policies and demand a timely response to applications.

The resolution has not been without controversy. Floodplain Coordinator Al Murry of Pike County Missouri wrote a letter last week to Illinois lawmakers.

In it, he said levee standards must offer the same level of protection for all states. He also said that unilateral changes would be devastating to livelihoods, transportation systems and crop land in Missouri.

Supporters previously have said the measure would not lead to greater flooding.    If the resolution is adopted by the full House, it would go to the Senate, which has until Saturday to approve it.