If you do a lot of driving in Illinois, like I do, I'm sure you've heard a lot of reminders about a couple of new laws that started with the new year. Well, here's one more.

As of January 1, it became illegal in Illinois to talk with a cell phone to your ear while driving. State Police tell us that if a trooper sees you doing that, you will be pulled over and you will be ticketed. The good news is that using a hands-free device or using your speaker phone is OK. I would imagine the Bluetooth folks have been doing a brisk business.

Mark Wilson, Getty Images

The other most publicized change on Illinois roads is the increase of the speed limit on rural interstates from 65 to 70 miles per hour. In this area, it affects Interstates 72 and 172. However, we're told that the change isn't official until the speed limit signs have been changed. IDOT says it will take about two weeks for all the signs to get changed.

So, if you're driving on the interstate at 70 MPH, you have your cell phone to your ear and you look in your rear view mirror and see flashing lights -- don't say we didn't warn you.