Do you know where the line is when your boss stops being a boss and begins to become a law breaker? In the state of Illinois, there are certain things that a boss can't do to you without breaking the law and you probably have more power than you think.

I'm no lawyer or employment authority, but the Illinois Department of Labor is. The bad news is that Illinois is an "at will" labor state which means your boss can let you go without a really good reason, but that doesn't mean your powerless.

Here are 5 things a boss in Illinois can't do without becoming a law breaker

1. Punish you for what you say on social media

Yes, it's legal for an employer to monitor your activity on social media, but you can't be punished for complaining about your work there. No, you can't share proprietary information online, but if you had a bad day at work and talk about it on Facebook, your boss can't legally do anything about it.

2. Let you work when you're not being paid

If your boss knows that you're working when you're not supposed to be working then they're a law breaker. They can't knowingly allow you to work when they know you're not being compensated for it.

3. Retaliate against you for reporting something illegal they do

If you report your place of employment for something illegal they do, they cannot punish you as a retaliation. That's why whistleblower laws are in place.

4. Fire you for entering the military

The state of Illinois is unique in that you're allowed to serve in the military for up to 5 years and your boss can't fire you for it.

5. Fire you for how or if you vote

This happens more often than you think. If your employer finds out your actively supporting candidate A when they support candidate B, they can't demote or fire you.

There are lots of helpful resources if you think your boss has crossed the legal line. US News and World Report had an interesting article on the topic and the Illinois Department of Labor is always the definitive go-to place for questions.

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