My lifestyle and my work have prevented me from one of the more enjoyable relationships a person can have, and that is with their pet. Having a pet greet you at the door when you come home is something I truly miss. If you are a pet owner you know exactly what I mean.

More and more households now claim to have pets in them. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, every state in the union has at least 50% of households owning pets.

The state with the highest percentage of pet households is Vermont with 70.8%. Vermont is followed by New Mexico at 67.6% and South Dakota at 65.6%. The states with the lowest percentage are Massachusetts at 50.4% followed by New York at 50.4% and New Jersey at 50.6%.

In case you were wondering Illinois was at 51.8%, Iowa at53.6% and Missouri came in at 61.4%.

These figures show that if you don't currently have a pet in your home you are in the minority and most likely are missing out on all the love and personality they have to offer you. Maybe it's time to find out just what pets can offer you.