They’re still an American League team.


The Cardinals help the Milwaukee Brewers open the 2012 season after they graciously helped the Brewers pull the curtains closed on their 2011 season. The rivalry looks a bit different with Prince Fielder gone to Detroit. Tony LaRussa is retired from managing and Albert Pujols has moved on to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, Azuza and Cucamonga.


The Cardinals still boast a formidable lineup. Milwaukee still has the services of Ryan Braun after he beat the positive drug test result from last October on a technicality.  Note that Braun didn’t challenge the contents of the sample, only the transportation.


Milwaukee also retains outfielder Nyjer Morgan.  What’s this guy going to do next? I’ll be surprised if he suddenly starts acting like most 30 year olds. This guy yaps a lot for someone with no power and very limited base stealing ability for someone with his raw talent.  Morgan is a classic illustration of what baseball players mean when they say someone has an “Alligator mouth and (south end of a northbound hummingbird)”.


Milwaukee Brewer baseball still means Harvey’s Wallbangers—the 1982 American League Champions. They’ve been in the NL Central since 1998 but I still think American League when I think of the Brewers.


The Brewers started in 1969 as another franchise…