With the weather turning a little more seasonal this week, it's time to recognize a special breed of sports fan -- the spring sports warrior. The parents, grandparents, and just plain fans of the baseball, softball, track and golf squads around the area are to be commended for enduring the changeable weather that happens from late March to early June.

Having been in that fraternity a few years ago, I understand, for one thing, the different kinds of clothing and shelter you have to take with you to an average game. Because it could be 80 degrees, it could be 40 degrees. There could wind and rain, locusts and pestilence. You have to have on hand everything from parkas to sunscreen. All in the name of watching the next sports superstar so you can say, "I saw him/her when."

This is unlike the Prospect League in June and July, when it goes to 90 degrees and stays there.