A seminar on heart health comes to the Hannibal Clinic Tuesday, July 22.

The event is entitled, "Taking Care of Your Heart, What You Should Know." Under the general topic of heart health, there will be a special focus on Peripheral Artery Disease.

PAD refers arteries in the arms, hands and legs. When most people think of blockage of the arteries, they think of the heart. But, clogged arteries can also create health issues, particularly in the legs. The most common symptom of PAD in the legs is the lack of stamina when trying to walk even short distances. People will chalk it up to being old or out of shape, when, in fact, the person suffers from some form of Peripheral Artery Disease.

The free seminar starts at 6 p.m. in the Phase 4 Conference Room on the second floor of the Hannibal Clinic. Dr. Bassem Mikhail, a cardiologist at Hannibal Regional Hospital is the featured speaker.

Bob Crawford is the Group Director of Cardio Pulmonary Services at the hospital. He was a guest on KHMO's Talk Back: