The Hannibal Board of Public Works is seeking a temporary restraining order to prevent enforcement of an ordinance passed by the Hannibal City Council to change the way the city disinfects its drinking water.

In a press release, BPW announces the filing of the lawsuit in Marion County Circuit Court.

Hannibal has been using ammonium sulfate to disinfect its water since 2015.

Last November, voters approved Proposition One to direct BPW to stop using ammonia to treat its water.

BPW officials say that if they stop using the disinfection method approved by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, they are subject to state prosecution, fines and penalties.

They also say that it would take at least two years to change over to another system, and not stopping the use of ammonia will result in municipal fines and penalties from the city.

The lawsuit seeks to have the city ordinance declared invalid and unenforceable because it is in direct violation with state law.

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