The Hannibal Arts Council will host a book signing and reading featuring Barbara “Bella” Erakko, who recently published her third book titled 'Elsie at Ebb Tide: emerging from the undertow of Alzheimer’s.' The event is open to the public will be held at 2:00 p.m. on Sunday, March 17 at the Hannibal Arts Council, 105 S Main St . During the event Erakko will read excerpts from her book.

'Elsie at Ebb Tide' tells the story of a woman whose soul transcends disease. She fails all cognitive tests, yet her spirit-soul appears to be actively aware. Traveling down untested roads, Erakko begins to explore a different language—one of intuition, mental telepathy, inner listening, and love—encountering a new world that continues until her mother’s death … and beyond. 'Elsie at Ebb Tide' is a story of love and a willingness to explore the deepest communication possible: soul to soul.

Barbara Erakko, award-winning author, has also written two other books: 'Silence: Making the Journey to Inner Quiet,' and 'Silent Dwellers: Embracing the Solitary Life.'